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Barbara's library

Aranya, Permaculture design
Holmgren, Permaculture
Holzer, Sepp Holzer's permaculture
Mars, The basics of permaculture design
Macnamara, People & permaculture
Morrow, Earth user's guide to permaculture
Morrow, Earth user's guide to teaching permacuulture
Kemp, Permaculture in pots
Whitefield, permaculture in a nutshell

Orchards, Food forests
Crawford, Creating a forest garden
Hart, Forest gardening
Whitefield, How to make a forest garden
Pike, The fruit tree handbook
Prendergast, The tree doctor
Gezond fruit telen
Bauwens, Bessen kweken

Dowding, How to grow winter vegetables
Fowler, The edible garden
Gardening & planting by the moon
Guerra, De minimoestuin
Hemenway, Gaia's garden
Kujawski, Week-by-week vegetable gardener's handbook
Lowenfeld & Lewis, Teaming with microbes
Pleasant & Martin, The complete compost gardening guide
Riotte, Carrots love tomatoes
Riotte, Roses love garlic
Seymour, The new self sufficient gardener
Shein, The vegetable gardener's guide to permaculture
The Findhorn garden
De milieuvriendelijke moestuin
Caron, De groentetuin van A tot Z
Hoogveld, De moestuin
Oudshoorn & Kromdijk, Van week tot week in eigen tuin

Hoffmann, Holistic herbal
101 Uses for stinging nettle
100 remedies mt kruiden en planten
Geneeskrachtige kruiden kweken
Groot kruiden gezondheidsboek
Faber, Kosmetika puur natuur
Houdret, Kruiden kweken en gebruiken
McHoy & Westland, De Kruidenbijbel

Sustainable landscaping for dummies
Reich, Landscaping with fruit
Peter Bouwens, Een tuin van eten
Lancaster & Oudshoorn, Welke plant waar?

Self sufficiency
Seymour, The new complete book of self sufficiency
The good life
Kains, Five acres and independence
Bubel, Root cellaring

Permaculture Magazine, practical solutions for self-reliance

Morther Earth News, The original guide to living wisely


"Woaaah! Being here surrounded by your presences and your all-encompassing library has lit a fire under my dreams. This time here has been extremely formative. Know that you've been a catalyst - you're spreading the dream."
Ruby Daybranch, United States of America >> more



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