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It is easy to go to a supermarket for your food, and gardening for food is regarded as the hard way. Maintaining a food forest is something in the middle. A relatively easy (and cheap!) way to get lots of vitamins!


Lose yourself in nature and find peace


Bogata Suma ("rich forest")

Welcome at Bogata Suma, our eco smallholding on the top of a hill in the middle of Croatia! We are living in nature, learning from nature, using permaculture principles and we are on our way to live self sufficient.

You are welcome on our workshops, as a guest on our small camp site in nature, or as a volunteer to learn about sustainabble living, permaculture, self sufficiency, various crafts, and work with our projects.

You can enjoy the fresh water from our wells, healthy food from our ecological garden, fruits from the living fence and forest garden, hand picked mushrooms, and chicken, rabbit or game meat from the region.

There is always room for guests at our table. If you want to have lunch or dinner with us, just give us a call!

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Forest garden workshops

small campsite with big spots and a lot of privacy

Natural playground




contact:  +385 989 143324

Nederlands The weather in our area Bogata Suma op Blogspot Bogata Suma op Facebook 

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